Lady Antebellum's latest album, 'Golden,' is less than a year old, but the trio have revealed they are already starting work on the record's follow-up.

"In the next couple of weeks, we're going to start bringing songwriters out to start writing for the next project," Hillary Scott tells the Hartford Courant. "I can't tell you 100-percent where we're going, because we're still figuring it out. It's exploration time. We're going to take our time. We're not going to rush. We're just going to write and be very selective."

The married mother of one says they hope to push the boundaries with the new set of tunes.

"We're going to explore what we're not afraid to talk about, we're not afraid to do production-wise," she hints. "We're not going to go too far left of the core of who we are, but I definitely think that we're going to see where it's going to take us, and we can always reel ourselves back in."

'Golden,' which soared to the top of the charts, was different from any of their previous three studio albums, including their 2011 platinum-selling 'Own the Night' record, but the songstress says they purposefully tried to challenge themselves.

“We embraced risk,” she says. “When you are pushing yourself to not go back to the same well, you’re gonna come up with something different, or you’ll find songs that are different. And that’s what happened on this album.”

As they focus on the new set of tunes, Scott says a lot of how they choose songs for the record comes down to pure instinct.

"That's just the way I am," she explains. "The songs that stand out are the ones you go back to, over and over and over. That's my personal litmus test: if I want to go back and listen to it, there's a reason."

Lady Antebellum will continue their Take Me Downtown Tour this weekend with shows in Minnesota and Michigan. See a complete list of their upcoming shows here.