Krystal Keith will have a hard time topping what she gave her family for Christmas last year. The daughter of Toby Keith took a month creating a personal and heartfelt present for her loved ones.

"I didn't buy it, but last year for Christmas, I gave the coolest gift I think I've ever given," she tells The Boot. "I had a month off, I was just coming off my fall tour last year … we had scanned in all of my grandmother and great-grandmother's photo albums, and I went through and scanned in all of my family recipes from my great grandmother and my great great grandmother, all the way down to myself. And I made a cookbook. It's 240 pages, and I hand-designed it and published it with a private publisher. I only printed seven copies, and I gave those just to members of my family."

The 28-year-old, who married her husband, Andrew, in 2010, says they keep gift-giving simple in their own family.

"We do a list. We're to the point where my mom is like, 'Just give me a list and I'll buy you what I want to buy you off of it.' And my husband, we don't buy gifts for each other. We usually sponsor a family and food items for a family, a local family. "

Keith has the perfect gift suggestion for music lovers this year. Her latest album, 'Whiskey & Lace' was released earlier this month, and is available for purchase here.