Kenny Chesney is offering a 'Shiftwork' special to his fans. He's selling discounted seats at some of his stadium shows for the low cost of just $29.50. With the price of concert tickets these days going for $50 and up (much higher for A-list artists like Chesney), not everyone can afford to enjoy a show. It was actually the price at the pump that got the country star thinking about lowering his own ticket costs.

"I was filling up my truck and the numbers just kept going," Chesney explains. "You watch the news, you hear the stories . . . but when it translates to your own gas tank, and then you think about all the people out there like my mom, who's a hairdresser. Well, what else do you do?" Fill up the gas tank or go see Kenny Chesney in concert?

Chesney's 'Poets and Pirates Tour' will boast his biggest stage production yet. Check out tour dates on his official website.