Kenny Chesney wants you to "kick off your flip flops" and enjoy No Shoes Radio tonight (July 2), as he broadcasts a free live concert from the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, starting at 11:00 PM ET. All you need to do is go to the radio station's website, sign up (it's free!) and tune in.

"I pretty much shredded my voice the second night," Kenny writes on, referring to the similar live shows he played in May. "We got up onstage in Vegas, and it was feeling and sounding so good, we didn't wanna go home -- and because it's Vegas, you really don't have to. We broadcast the first show because we thought people would like it, and the feedback was so great, we figured why not do it again?"

Expect to hear classic Kenny songs and an array of songs made famous my other musicians including the Allman Brothers Band, Alabama, Tom Petty, Steve Miller and the Violent Femmes.

"I won't say we're the Grateful Dead or even Phish or Widespread Panic, but when we go off the set list and into the land of 'I love that song, let's play it...,' things can go all kinds of crazy places," Kenny says. "We all love music so much and know so many songs -- we can do bluegrass, we can do Van Halen and anything in between. It's what makes these shows fun. So I figured we might as well put the show out there for the fans to listen to wherever they are one more time."

Kenny also offers plenty of advice to keep your good times rolling this holiday weekend. In an interview in the latest edition of Men's Journal, Kenny's laid-back advice includes, "If you're working hard at it, you're not doing it right" and "It's not about dressing up; the fewer clothes, the better."

"Enjoy the moment, enjoy the people and know times like this are what memories are made of," Kenny continues. "If you can do that, laugh a little and love more, you're onto something."

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