Kenny Chesney hit the stage at 'Conan' to perform 'American Kids,' the first single off his new album 'The Big Revival.'

The tune was penned by Rodney Clawson, Luke Laird and Shane McAnally, and Chesney says that when McAnally first played it for him, he knew immediately that he wanted to record it.

“There is so much more to being alive than partying, tailgates and bonfires,” he says. “It’s every single detail of being young, growing up, remembering when, laughing about how, but especially knowing you can still do all those things! American kids are so much more complicated, more fun, more real -- and if there’s anything about this song, beyond the rhythms, the hooks and the playing, that I love, it’s the fact that it captures all the little things that life really is made of.”

To record 'The Big Revival,' Chesney took a year of the road in order to focus solely on the project.

“In making this record, something happened. When we were in the studio, we were creating, and we had some good songs that we were recording,” he says. “But I knew in my heart of my hearts that I was, not necessarily repressed, but I wasn’t necessarily pushing the envelope either. That’s the reason I took a year off, is to reset and revive and reclaim, and when I look out into my audience, I see faces that can relate to that.”

The song and album are available for download on Amazon and iTunes.