Kellie Pickler made a big announcement to her Twitter followers Tuesday night.

"I'm so excited to let y'all know first, this Thursday," the singer-songwriter tweeted at 7:28 PM, leaving her fans hanging.

"that ..." she posted five minutes later.

And at 7:36 PM, the blond beauty finally put her anxious followers out of their misery: "...I'LL BE SINGING ON THE STAGE THAT IT ALL STARTED ON, AMERICAN IDOL!! YEEE-HAW!! :) :) :)" she tweeted.

'American Idol' is, of course, the show that launched the North Carolina native's career. Kellie placed sixth during the show's fifth season, which was won by soul singer Taylor Hicks. Ironically, he is now rumored to be making a country-leaning album.

We're guessing Kellie will perform her current single, '100 Proof,' on 'Idol.' "'100 Proof' is about two different relationships: a healthy relationship and an unhealthy relationship," Kellie tells The Boot. "I've been both girls in that song, and I'm now so blessed to now say that I'm the girl in the healthy relationship. I've got a good man! He loves me, and what we have is '100 proof.'"

Kellie's "good man" is acclaimed songwriter Kyle Jacobs. The two wed on New Year's Day, 2011, on a private island in the Caribbean.

Watch Kellie perform on 'American Idol' this Thursday, April 5 at 8:00 PM ET on FOX.

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