Keith Urban superstitious? Not anymore.

With 'Sweet Thing' becoming Urban's tenth No. 1 hit, it is a bit surprising to hear that the country superstar initially wasn't so sure where the song would end up. So, while visiting friends a few month ago, Urban took advantage of a Magic 8 ball sitting on their shelf.

"I secretly went over and shook it up and asked it if 'Sweet Thing' might be a No. 1 song," he revealed to Dial-Global. "It said, 'Absolutely not.' So for the last handful of weeks, I've been thinking that dreaded 8 Ball has thwarted everything, and it was completely wrong. So I'm happy that the song went No. 1, but I'm more happy that the 8 Ball is absolutely full of it!"

Looks like Urban should have taken the advice of another song in his catalog, 'A Little Luck of Our Own': "We're not a bit superstitious/ No need to worry at all."

Urban's new single, 'Kiss A Girl,' hit radio on Monday. Fans are anxiously awaiting his new album, 'Defying Gravity,' which is set for release on March 31.

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