Known for pouring her personal heartaches into her songs, Aussie singer Kasey Chambers took a new approach for some of the tracks on 'Carnival,' due Sept. 12.

"Every record I've ever done really has been [like] three years of therapy. This record was very different," she tells AOL Music. "It wasn't sitting down working through a struggle every song, it was kind of sitting down and seeing what song came out. It's a little more detached."

Chambers also found herself detached from much of the original album. Working with producer and brother Nash Chambers, she replaced several of the cuts she'd planned on recording with others she wrote almost on the spot.

"'Nothing at All,' 'Don't Look So Sad' and 'Surrender' were written on the second to last day I was in the studio," she recalls. "I just hope I don't end up hating them. Usually I have to live with them for a while before I figure out whether I like them or not."