Pop-country fans dying to catch a glimpse of Aussie babe Kasey Chambers' new look will have to wait a little longer. The chanteuse has cancelled her tour, originally scheduled for next month.

Chambers cited the rather ambiguous "personal reasons" for pulling the dates, but will reschedule for 2007.

She will, however, release her new album 'Carnival' on Sept. 12, as scheduled. Produced by the singer's brother Nash, the effort finds her backed by a star-studded cast, including members of the Down Under groups Jon Butler Trio and Midnight Oil.

"With musicians, I generally find they just want to play all the time because it's not a job, it's a passion," she tells AOL Music. "The drummer that we use on the record, he's from the Jon Butler Trio. I'm a big fan. And Jim Moginie from Midnight Oil -- he had just played on my husband [Shane Nicholson]'s record."

'Carnival' is expected to be preceded by the catchy single 'Nothing at All.' Currently in rotation at her Web site, the title reflects the song's meaning.

"It's kind of about going through different kinds of breakups, and there are also certain lines in that song that really don't mean anything," Chambers admits. "I hate to say that because it's so un-singer-songwriter, but it's just true. All these things just started coming out. I don't know what they happen to mean, but they just kind of sounded right."