Justin MooreJustin Moore is going through a growth spurt. The singer is still mining singles from his self-titled debut album, but that doesn't mean he hasn't already thought about his next project. He has ... a lot.

"I'm a big fan of theme records," Justin tells The Boot. "The next record shows me growing a little bit as a person, with me just having a kid. It's a bit of an evolution. It's a little more of a universal record. The theme will be growth."

Justin already has 20 new songs for the set, saying, "We just need to go in and pick what we want to do and go cut them."

In the meantime, he's back on the road for another stint opening for Brad Paisley, an artist he admires in many ways.

"Brad is a class act. It's just a huge opportunity for a new guy like me to get to be out there and play in front of his fans." Plus, he says he's learned a lot from watching Brad and his team. "They're the ultimate professionals," he says. "Subconsciously you take a lot from these people from how you build your crew and people that are great to everybody backstage to putting on the light show, I think you take a little bit of everything from them."

Justin's stint on the H2O tour kicks off May 21 in Virginia Beach, Va.

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