Justin Moore is releasing his new album, 'Off the Beaten Path,' on Tuesday (Sept. 17), and he's especially excited about one of the new tracks. The singer recorded 'Old Habits' as a duet with superstar Miranda Lambert.

In the video above, Moore admits he'd never even thought of recording a duet until he heard a work tape of 'Old Habits.'

"I heard this and for whatever reason, I said, 'Man, I've got to get Miranda on this,'" he says. "I called her and sent it to her, and she was busy and didn't have time to get back to me."

Moore was persistent, calling his friend back and telling her that if she would just listen to the song, she'd want to cut it with him. "And she calls me back like three minutes later, she goes, 'Holy crap, it's a great song,'" he recalls. "I said, 'Yeah, I told you.'"

Moore is thrilled with the end result. "I was very fortunate that she took time out of her schedule to do it, and obviously very proud to have her on it," he states. "And I think fans are gonna really dig it."

'Off the Beaten Path' is available at iTunes and Amazon.