Justin Moore may be hired to endorse a variety of products, services and establishments throughout his career, but it's a safe bet Truluck's Seafood Steak and Crab House in Dallas won't be one of them. After an incident Thursday night (Jan. 5), during which the singer was accused of hitting on two female diners, Justin was asked to leave the restaurant.

"Literally, just got kicked out of a place in Dallas," Justin tweeted immediately after the incident. "TRUE LUCK'S! DO NOT GO THERE! Was tossed for attempting to hit on two girls.

"This was according to the toolbag managing the place," Justin continued. "Apparently, he is unaware of my wife and 2 daughters. Had to be the most bizarre experience of my life ... Felt like Julia Roberts in pretty woman."

The incident is just the latest in an unrelated series of country stars allegedly being chastised by service providers. In early December, Luke Bryan was reprimanded for wearing a baseball cap in Nashville sushi hot spot Virago, and John Rich was kicked off a Southwest flight for alleged drunken behavior.

Justin is now in Dallas to attend tonight's Cotton Bowl. His favorite team, the Arkansas Razorbacks will take on the Kansas St. Wildcats.

Watch Justin's 'Bait a Hook' Video