Justin MooreJustin Moore is turning into a thief magnet. The singer, whose guitar was stolen -- and later returned -- in March, reveals that his house had been broken into recently as well.

Thankfully, Justin, his wife and their baby were out of the home when the burglary occurred. Only his wallet and some of his memorabilia were stolen, while the rest of the house was untouched. Police are still investigating the crime, which reportedly may be the work of an obsessed fan.

It was the work of a drunk fan back in March, when Justin's beloved guitar was stolen right off the stage after a concert in Michigan. The fan returned it a few days later with a note that read, "I [messed] up major, man. It was a drunken mistake. I love your music so much!! God will get me for what I have done. Well, hope to see you in MI soon. But I would like to deeply and sincerely apologize for what I've done. Like your wonderful song, 'How I Got to Be This Way,' we all make mistakes ... I'm going out and buying 50 of your CDs today. I hope and pray you have a wonderful and long career."

Justin will be spending much of the summer away from home, thanks to his role as an opening act -- along with Darius Rucker -- on Brad Paisley's H2O tour. He also recently told The Boot that he's in the process of finding songs for his sophomore album.

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