Justin Moore might share his status as a country star with Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler and Danny Gokey, who all found success by coming through the ranks on 'American Idol,' but the 27-year-old is pretty vocal about his distaste for the hit TV show.

"I despise 'American Idol'," Justin tells Chicago radio station US99.5. "It has nothing to do with anybody that's on the show, or was. I just can't stand the show in general."

But 'Idol' contestants don't need to take it personally. The 'Bait a Hook' singer says it's the entire format he abhors. "I just despise reality TV," he continues. "It doesn't matter what it is. 'American Idol,' 'The Bachelor,' or any of it. I just don't like any of them."

The singer-songwriter reveals his TV-watching is limited to ESPN, hunting and fishing shows, with one surprising exception. "I actually do watch the 'Celebrity Apprentice,'" he concedes. "That's the only other show I watch besides sports. But, that to me is different than 'The Bachelor.' But I can't imagine being a Kardashian or something."

Justin, by the way, is now on tour as an opening act for Blake Shelton, who has become a household name beyond the country world for his gig as a celebrity coach on the reality competition show, 'The Voice.' We'll see if Blake can change his buddy's viewing habits!

But Justin hardly has any time for TV, anyway. When he's not on the road, the singer is on Daddy duty, as he and his wife, Kate, recently celebrated the arrival of their second daughter. Baby Kennedy Faye joins 2-year-old sister Ella Kole. Dad Justin gives his wife a lot of credit for helping him balance work and family.

"We've been really lucky because this year she's been able to come out on the road a lot, since we've got two buses," Justin tells The Boot. "Thank God for that opportunity ... She was there before anyone else cared about my music or what I was doing, so that helps. She's very proud of me. I can't say enough about the support she gives me."

After his run on Blake's Well Lit & Amplified tour, Justin will be joining Gary Allan, Rodney Atkins, Eric Paslay, Sunny Sweeney and Josh Thompson on the Country Throwdown tour, which kicks off on May 26 in New Hampshire. Keep track of the tour's schedule here.

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