Julie Roberts and her family have been with the cleanup after her home was among those caught in the flood that wreaked havoc on Nashville earlier this month. Now the singer, who has been assisted in the cleanup by folks from her record label, Universal Music Group, can get back to the business of making music. She was in the middle of recording her third album before Mother Nature rudely interrupted.

Julie describes the new disc as "real country" and an extension of her gold-certified debut, released in 2004 to widespread acclaim.

"It might even have a few songs about this flood experience that I'm going to write," the singer tells The9513 website. "I actually wrote a song a couple years ago that we just recorded for this album. It's out on the internet and it's called 'Somebody Does.' We had recorded it, and just had it mixed, and we think this song might help people right now."

The South Carolina native has been writing songs with heavy-hitters Marcus Hummon and Don Schlitz, among others and has also spent time in Los Angeles working on a film based on her life.

"Right now, were working with Tom [Rickman] who wrote 'Coal Miner's Daughter.' It started a couple years ago when I was playing a show in L.A. Someone at my booking agency -- who also works with made-for-television movies -- knew my music. They had seen a special that CMT had aired about my mom and me. And we're very close. I think that's why we were able to get through the scenario we did because we have each other. We've always had that strong bond because we have each other and we'll get through anything. I've recorded a lot of songs about my mom. I started telling them my story. Our story is not pretty. It's about strength. I didn't have a good childhood growing up. I saw her have a hard life. My mom was married to my dad, who was an abusive alcoholic. Our whole mission was to get me to Nashville -- and for her to get here after I came. She came three years after I came. So that's what the movie is about. The movie is about our strength in doing everything we can to do what you want in life. And for me, that's country music."

Not surprisingly, Julie says the writing of the film may not be complete just yet. "We may have extra chapters to the script now after these last couple weeks," she notes. "It shows our strength getting past all of this."

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