Julianne Hough is taking a two-week break from 'Dancing with the Stars' and continues to recover at home from successful surgery to remove her appendix, as well as ovarian cysts caused by endometriosis.

Julianne's mother had the same surgery a few years ago, and her sister will have the procedure done in a couple of weeks. Julianne writes on Fancast.com, "You can see genetics plays a big part."

Julianne also reveals she's been having stomach pain for the past five years, and has always put off getting it checked out.Although her management wanted her to come up with some other ailment to avoid media coverage of such a private procedure, Julianne says, "I want to be a good role model. Maybe some girl out there won't wait too long like I did. I'm just glad I'm taking care of it now because I want to have babies some day."