Julianne Hough says she's been home more in the past couple of weeks than she has in three months. Hough has been away from 'Dancing with the Stars' due to surgery to remove her appendix after she was recently diagnosed with endometriosis. She has been watching the progress of her partner, Cody Linley, from the comfort of her living room. And while fellow pro Edyta Sliwinska has been doing a great job with Linley, Hough says she's getting anxious to get back on the show to dance with him.

"It was hard for me to stay at home and watch because I push myself, but I was definitely rooting them on," she says. "I'm excited that I am watching the show at home, but at the same time, I'm getting really antsy about not being there to dance. I need to get out of the house."

Hough had been having pain for several years but kept ignoring it, she told eonline.com. She finally went to a Los Angeles hospital, where she was told she had endometriosis, a condition where the lining of the uterus grows outside of it. Hough says her mother and sisters have the condition, too. During the exam, it was also discovered that she had a slight case of appendicitis, thus the doctors decided to remove her appendix at the same time.

The dancer-turned-singer says she hopes her speaking out about endometriosis and the pain she went through will encourage other young women who are having similar problems to see a doctor. Fellow 'Dancing with the Stars' pro-dancer Lacey Schwimmer, who is paired with NSYNC's Lance Bass, had similar symptoms and went to the doctor after Hough had surgery. She found that she also has endometriosis, which she can manage with medication.

Hough is scheduled to sing her single, 'My Hallelujah Song,' on 'Dancing with the Stars' on November 18th.