Julianne Hough returns to 'Dancing With the Stars' tonight, as the hit reality competition show premieres live at 8 PM ET on ABC. The multi-talented beauty insists the show that put her on the map is very supportive of her second career in country music.

"Even before I was on 'Dancing With the Stars,' we were talking and I was like, 'You know, my real passion is to sing ... and I want to be able to focus on that at some point.' And they're like, 'Alright, we understand,'" Hough tells Dial-Global. "So hopefully, they'll be supportive in the fact that they'll let me come and sing on the show!"

This year, the two-time 'Dancing' champ is teamed up with 'Hannah Montana' actor Cody Linley. But she's also teaching some moves to another star -- her boyfriend and fellow country music singer, Chuck Wicks. Apparently dating Hough has expanded Wicks' knowledge of quite a few different dances.

"I'm really good at the electric slide," Wicks jokes. "I'm gonna work on the waltz and the quick step ... See how I knew that?! Most guys don't even know what the waltz is. I like the samba or the forbidden dance ... or the birthday dance is always nice -- in your birthday suit, which is fun. I don't think it would go well on TV though."