Julianne Hough, Kate GosselinJulianne Hough has a soft spot in her heart for Kate Gosselin, who was recently booted off of this season's 'Dancing With the Stars.' Julianne went out to dinner with the reality TV mom in Los Angeles after the show's premiere, and says she can understand how it would be easy to put walls up when dealing with so much constant media scrutiny.

"It was crazy," Julianne tells Usmagazine.com of her dinner with the frequent tabloid target. "I don't want to feel bad for her, because she is putting herself out there and good for her. But I have to say, I would be completely guarded and standoffish a bit. Because you think everyone is out to get you. Once you break that, she is really great."

Julianne told Star magazine that while in Las Vegas for the ACM Awards, she took time out to catch co-star Cher's act (the two appear together in the upcoming film, 'Burlesque'). She also revealed she was scheduled to have lasik eye surgery this week following all of the ACM festivities.