Julianne HoughJulianne Hough has been spotted in Los Angeles a lot lately, as she begins work on her feature film debut in the remake of 'Footloose.' She's also taking time to have a little fun in Tinsel Town. This week, she attended the premiere of the Michael Jackson documentary, 'This Is It,' and she took along a hot date. No, it wasn't longtime boyfriend Chuck Wicks, but older sister Marabeth (owner of a pair of spas in Middle Tennessee).

Julianne tweeted a picture of her date, saying, "My older sister, she is so freakin' beautiful!!!" To which fellow country singer Keith Anderson tweeted back, asking if Marabeth is single. Julianne replied, "Nope, married with the most beautiful 5 yr old boy Aidan. No single Houghs well except my bro, [Derek]. But both of you aren't into that so..."

Julianne, who just recently dyed her hair a light brown color, then hinted on Twitter that she's changing hues yet again ... this time becoming a redhead for her role as Ariel in 'Footloose.' She tweeted, "Someone is transforming into a red head right now..." Boyfriend Chuck commented, "Sooo, if I like it better, do we keep it??? ;)"

Julianne may debut her newest hair color when she is a presenter for this year's CMA Awards, taking place Nov. 11 in Nashville.