Julianne Hough MaximProduction on the remake of the classic movie, 'Footloose,' has been postponed, after director Kenny Ortega pulled out of the movie. But the delay certainly doesn't bother one of the film's stars, Julianne Hough.

"The new director is shooting a movie right now that he wrote, so it's going to be postponed for awhile -- which I'm actually really excited about because I get to tour," the dancer/singer/actress tells CMT Radio. "I get to go back on the road and see the fans ... I love doing the movies, but being able to do something live is so fulfilling."

Julianne explains that the movie's new director, Craig Brewer, wants to make the film more gritty and edgy, and less showtune oriented. 'Gossip Girl' star Chace Crawford will play the lead role originated by Kevin Bacon, with Julianne playing his girlfriend.

Julianne was in Nashville last week for the annual Country Radio Seminar, where she debuted a brand new song called 'Woman Like That.' She was also Taylor Swift's guest at the Music City Jam concert.