Julianne Hough is having a wonderful love affair ... with her dog. Even though she's swirled around in the arms of such hunky men as ex-boyfriend Chuck Wicks, Indy race car driver Helio Castroneves and funny man Adam Carolla, she loves dancing around with her canine companion, Lexi. The dancer-singer-actress has been around dogs all of her life, but she's never gotten one of her own until Lexi, and she has Brad Paisley to thank.

"I've always wanted a dog, but I didn't know what I wanted or if I could take care of one," Julianne tells Modern Dog magazine. "When I was on tour with Brad, he had a Cavalier King Charles and I fell in love with the breed."

Julianne and her sister talked to a breeder and found Lexi. "They sent me photos and I loved her. Her name was Princess, but I didn't love that name. My middle name is Alexandra, so I came up with Lexi. I would be so lonely without her. She is my savior."

The two ladies are very similar in both personality and temperament. "We are alike," says the proud mom. "She is loving, caring and independent. She will only come to you when she wants to. She loves you and wants to be with you, but only on her terms. She's a tomboy -- she loves to run and is very athletic. But she is also a priss ... just like me!"

Julianne is in the midst of working on her feature film, 'Burlesque,' as well as in the studio writing and recording songs for her sophomore album. Lexi, on the other hand, is probably taking a nap.