During a recent night out at the trendy L.A. sushi restaurant Koi, Chuck Wicks and Julianne Hough were stopped by paparazzi and questioned on a number of subjects. In a YouTube video by Hollywood.tv, the couple share the not-so-surprising revelation that they're rooting for Ty Murray to make it to the 'Dancing with the Stars' finals.

"If Ty won, that would be awesome," says Chuck. "He's the last country boy left."

Asked to name the best thing about being teamed up on the show, Chuck says the experience helped the pair learn much more about each other, leading Julianne to joke that what Chuck discovered about her was "I'm crazy and I'm a dictator!"

Apparently, Julianne's not the only one who can joke around. She's currently out on tour with George Strait and Blake Shelton, and says that last weekend when King George took the stage in Hidalgo, Texas, he briefly sported a surgical mask -- a reference to the recent swine flu scare, which Julianne shrugged off, saying, "It's been so hyped up by the press."

As the couple got into their vehicle, cameras continued to roll, and the helpful paparazzi reminded Chuck to wear his seat belt before driving off .

Their favorite sushi of the night, by the way: albacore with onions.