Josh Turner may soon follow the lead of Martina McBride when taking his family on the road. Josh tells The Boot that Martina reportedly did a total redesign of her tour bus before taking her kids on the road with her.

"I hear she had her bus reconstructed so there's a trap door in the floor of the bus. Now when the bus is stopped, the children can do down into the bays of the bus, where they've built a play room. That seems kind of weird but I guess if it works, you utilize the space."

Josh and his wife Jennifer welcomed their second son, Colby, born June 26. Their first child, Hampton, is now two years old.

And although he didn't seek out advice of his peers after Hampton was born, Josh says he did pay attention to how others handled the situation.

"I've spent a lot of time with Sara Evans (who has three children of her own, and four step-children), so the fact that I got to see that it is possible to take your family on the road let me know that Jennifer and I could do it too."

No word yet on when Josh may be ordering the reconstruction of his own bus to meet the needs of his kids. He says right now the four of them are just one big happy family, with Hampton adjusting to life as a big brother.

"We tried to prepare him before Colby arrived, but I don't think he totally understood," Josh admits. "But he was ready for a new play partner, a partner in crime."