Josh TurnerJosh Turner and the co-writers of his hit, 'Why Don't We Just Dance,' will be filling their own personal dance cards soon.

Cobalt Music, the publishing company that is home to 'Dance' co-writer Darrell Brown, gave Josh, Darrell and co-writers Jonathan Singleton and Jim Beavers, gift certificates for ballroom dance lessons. The presentation was made during a party at Nashville's Cabana restaurant on Tuesday (March 23), honoring the writers of the four-week No. 1 hit.

"I knew when we went into the No. 1 spot it had a lot of momentum," Josh told The Boot. "I was watching the chart and knew it had the potential to stay two or three weeks, but when it was there the fourth week, the human nature side of me kicked in and I was like 'Let's go for five!'

"Then when it didn't go five, I was kinda moping around my kitchen for two or three minutes and then I was like, 'What do I have to complain about? It was No. 1 for four weeks.' It was funny, because we as humans want more, we want something better. So I immediately changed my attitude and outlook and was very thankful for that feat because prior to that I'd only had a couple of two-week No. 1s."

This was Josh's third No. 1 song, following 'Your Man' and 'Would You Go With Me,' in 2005 and 2006 respectively. 'Why Don't We Just Dance' was his first chart-topper in three years, but he never got discouraged. "A No. 1 record is hard to come by. My buddy John Anderson, who I write with a lot, helped me put things in perspective. He told me in sports there are only 50 or 60 players on some of the teams, so there are a lot of opportunities for athletes to be part of the game. He said when you look at country music there are only so many spots on the charts, so to have the opportunity to be on that chart is something a lot of people never accomplish.

"This is my job; this is what I've always wanted. This is where I belong, and I'm very thankful every day to be here. Anytime I have a No. 1 song, or a song to chart period, I'm very thankful, so to have it be No. 1 for four weeks was icing on the cake for me."

While dance music played in the background, music executives, the songwriters' families and media mingled on the restaurant's patio in spring-like weather. Josh's wife Jennifer and sons, Colby and Hampton, were there to help the singer celebrate. Josh and three-year-old Hampton sported identical shirts. When Josh was called onstage to accept his first of several awards, Hampton wanted to go with him. He was persuaded to stay on the sidelines to watch as Darrell, Jonathan, Jim and producer Frank Rogers were honored with numerous plaques and silver cups commemorating their success.The event was hosted by performing rights organizations ASCAP and BMI.

'Why Don't We Just Dance' was the debut single from Josh's album 'Haywire,' which debuted at No. 2 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart.