Josh Turner has been so busy on the road this summer that he has not been able to take his boat on the lake but a few times. Not only does he like to tool around with his wife Jennifer, but every now and then he enjoys putting a pole in the water and wrangling a few fish, as well as playing the role of biologist.

"I go out and just check pH levels and stuff like that, try to check nitrogen and phosphorus and all that kind of stuff," Josh tells The Boot. "I like to fish when it's not too hot. I've been working towards getting the boat set up to go tubing. I'm not much of a water skier, my legs are too skinny for that, so I just try to tube and have fun, just ride."

While Josh loves performing, he's a bit disappointed that he has not been able to tool around the lakes of Middle Tennessee. "I have a nice boat that I got a couple of years ago that's a Skeeter brand that's 20-foot, center-console," the South Carolina native states. "I have it set up for saltwater and for fresh water, so it's been a nice boat. Jennifer and I took the boat out late spring, early summer, just try to run it a little bit and get away from everything, and that was fun. But ever since then, I've been working, watching others play on the lake. [laughs]"

The 'All over Me' singer has got a few days off from the road, so perhaps he will be able to take his budding family (wife Jennifer is expecting baby no. 3 early next year) out on the water. Josh is currently set to hit the stage in Meadville, Pa., on Wednesday, August 25.