Josh ThompsonJosh Thompson is on the road with Eric Church traveling the country on the Jagermeister Country tour. While most artists with a Top 20 hit ('Beer on the Table') under their belt would be tooling down the road in a big ol' tour bus equipped with the comforts of home, Josh is not most artists.

So far, he's sticking with the trusty eight-passenger van he affectionately calls 'Van-a-White,' piling his band mates and gear into the van to get to each venue. Adorning Van-a-White's antennae is a mustached baby-doll, 'Van Wilder,' a clone of the original which was first stolen during a show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, then stolen again in Nashville.

"We've been riding in that van for three years," Josh explains to The Boot. "It really brings the band close like a family. I traded my F-150 truck for the van. It was a difficult decision because, let's face it, you can't pick up chicks in an eight-passenger van. Trust me, you can't."

And in case of a little too much friction between passengers in the tight traveling quarters, Josh jokes, "We fire the ones we don't get along with."

By the way, if there are any tips or leads on the baby-stealing 'Van Wilder' culprits, feel free to post them at Josh's official website. Visit Josh's Twitter page for updates of Van-a-White's adventures.

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