Nashville-based singer-songwriter Josh Farrow is debuting his newest track, “No Need to Say Goodbye,” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

On "No Need to Say Goodbye" -- a track about a love on its last legs and, perhaps, a last-ditch effort to save it -- Farrow blends traditional country elements such as steel guitar with bluesy riffs and his unique tenor.

“If you’re not by my side / I can’t do nothin’ but cry / No, there ain’t no need to say goodbye,” mourns Farrow in the song's chorus. “If you leave me now / I’ll have nothin’ left to lose / We could turn those lights down low / We could disappear.”

With “No Need to Say Goodbye,” Farrow sought to write a love song with a little balance -- "a love song that also invokes some heartache," he explains.

"It's sad and hopeful at once, and, sonically, it's my favorite-sounding song on the album,” Farrow tells The Boot. “From the production to the players and singers, with Elizabeth Cook and Laura Mayo providing the background vocals, it's a song that I don't think I'll ever get tired of listening to or performing.”

“No Need to Say Goodbye” appears on Farrow’s forthcoming album, Trouble Walks With Me, the follow-up project to his 2011 debut, Southern Drag; the record is set for release on Oct. 28. Fans may recognize the Illinois native from his time on the road as an opener for acts such as Sturgill Simpson and Leon Russell, or have caught one of his songs on the hit TV series Nashville.

Listen to Josh Farrow, "No Need to Say Goodbye":