Every story of true love had to start somewhere. In her new music video for "Like Me 'Til You Love Me," which she is sharing first with The Boot's readers, country newcomer Jordyn Stoddard shows exactly how fun the beginning of a new relationship can be as it turns from "like" into "love."

The 16-year-old (yes, she's only 16) shines in her first music video; it's sweet without being overly saccharine and is so upbeat that viewers will want to hit replay more than once.

The video begins with Stoddard and her love interest heading into the country in a Jeep. As she applies a fresh coat of bright pink lipstick, her date is understandably distracted and has to swerve to avoid a baby deer. Although the deer escapes unharmed, the Jeep gets good and stuck in the mud, leading to a mud fight ... and let's just say that Stoddard's fresh white T-shirt does not escape unscathed.

The couple revels in their new relationship. After the mud fight (which will have viewers excited for the next rainy day; getting dirty never looked so fun!), they cuddle in front of a bonfire and head to a county fair, all with grins that just won't leave their faces. The clip also depicts Stoddard walking down a dirt road, singing the poignant lyrics: "Let's roll until we start rockin' / Let's float until we start fallin' / Oh, you never know / Just maybe / You'll like me 'til you love me."

The song was love at first listen for Stoddard, who says, ""Like Me 'Til You Love Me" was a last-minute song, and when I first heard it, I was like, 'I want to record this. I want to record this now.' ... I just knew people would enjoy it."

Stoddard hails from Jacksonville, Fla., and her debut album Southern Tide, which was just released on March 9, features songs written by some of country's most prolific songwriters, including Eric Paslay, Chris Wallin and Matt Nolan.

"My vision for this record was to basically let everybody in on the things that have been happening this year," Stoddard says. "From hanging out with friends, being in a relationship, breaking up with someone, the heartbreak -- all of that good and bad stuff -- just to let people know who I am."

Southern Tide was produced by Grammy-winning producer David Hall and is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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