Before Joey Martin first encountered her future husband and duet partner, Rory Feek, she was well on her way to being a solo artist. Ironically, Rory says the meeting that would put them on the path to matrimony and musical success as Joey + Rory, also gave Joey's record label an excuse to drop her from their roster.

"When I met her, Sony had signed her and Paul Worley (Dixie Chicks, Martina McBride) had produced an album on her and it was just about to come out," Rory tells the California Chronicle. "When we got married it all fell apart. She lost her record deal. They never put a single out and it crushed her. One of the reasons was she had gotten married and they thought she wasn't marketable. Five years later, the thing that caused her to lose her chance, and maybe not have another one, is the thing that makes it special."

Special indeed, as the couple are getting ready to release 'Album No. 2,' the aptly-titled sophomore follow-up to 'The Life of a Song.'

Rory, who grew up in Atchison, Kan., says his destiny as a singer and songwriter was, in part, forged by his father's own musical aspirations. "I think before I was born he was a fairly successful regional artist," says Rory of the railroad worker and country musician. "Mostly, though, I remember him sitting on his bed singing Don Williams and Hank Thompson songs."

Rory's dad passed away after a heart attack in 1988, at 51, but his love of country music made a distinct impression on his son, who recalls the day his father pulled the car off the road when he heard Gene Watson's 'Farewell Party' on the radio.

Of the couple's own music, Rory revealed a few details of what fans will find on 'Album No. 2,' telling The Boot, "There's always a couple cowboy and rodeo songs; that's part of my wife's life, the western world and horses. There's a lot of fun things to sing about. Our last album pokes a little fun at the music industry, so we'll do a little of that this time too. We're really excited about the album, and we're looking forward to our fans hearing it."

Come back to The Boot next week for our exclusive video feature, 'A Day in the Life of Joey + Rory,' as we take fans on a tour of their Tennessee farm!