In light of Joey Feek's decision to discontinue her treatments for Stage IV cervical cancerJoey + Rory have requested that their fans, wherever they may be, join them in a prayer vigil in early November.

According to a new blog post from Rory Feek, his wife's sisters and best friend are requesting that on Nov. 5 at 8PM CT, loved ones, friends and fans stop for a moment and say a prayer for Joey Feek.

"In most emails, comments and conversations, everyone asks the same question to us ... 'what can we do to help?' They sincerely want to do something. Anything," Rory Feek explains. "There is something you can do … You can pray. You can pray my wife’s prayer with us.

"You can call it a prayer vigil, or a moment of silence, or what it actually is ... a husband asking for help for the woman he loves," Feek continues. "But please, one thing I ask ... don’t just pray that Joey is healed. Yes, pray for a miracle. But also pray for peace in her heart, and ours, if God chooses not to let this cup pass from her sweet lips."

In the same blog post, Rory Feek reveals that he and his wife have been in Alexandria, Ind., Joey Feek's hometown, spending time with her family and friends -- "reminiscing about their school days, the Halloweens and Christmases and the journey that has brought them and all of us here."

"They’ve swallowed hard and had some difficult conversations that they didn’t want to have. Conversations made even harder by the memory of losing their brother Justin to a car accident when he was only 17," Rory Feek writes. "But mostly, it’s been beautiful."

On Oct. 23, Rory Feek informed fans, via his blog, that his wife’s first round of chemotherapy and radiation treatments did not help; rather, two quarter-sized tumors have already appeared in the same area that the doctors had been treating, and several more tumors have appeared in her abdomen. In light of that sad news, the Feeks have stopped all medical treatments and returned to their Tennessee farm; they have also canceled all of their Farmhouse Concerts that were scheduled for November and December.

"Most of Joey’s immune system is gone now, and she’s thin and frail," Rory Feek notes. "Where she once jumped out of bed before the sun rose to rush out to her garden … she now quietly sleeps away most of the days. I lie beside her at night and I hold her hand and listen to her breathe. And I pray."

Feek also writes that they have received "hundreds and hundreds of emails with possible cures sent to us by people who love Joey and want to help ... texts with extraordinary clinics and superstar doctors… and dozens of DVDs and documentaries arrive daily in the mail," and he expresses his and his wife's gratitude for the love and support.

"Thank you a thousand times over ...," he says. "I am so incredibly humbled by the outpouring of love that has come our way. We have just lived our lives and sang our songs, and often thought that we are making no difference at all. But thousands of blog and Facebook comments and emails tell us otherwise. I read them to Joey, and the tears stream down her cheeks and mine. And once more we smile and look at each other -- in awe of this extraordinary, ordinary life we live. For better or worse."

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