Joe Nichols went beyond the normal chitchat when he was a guest on 'The View' recently, discussing some pretty private, intimate things between he and wife Heather, like their fertility testing. Clearing it with Heather first to make sure she was OK with him talking about the issue on national television, the singer decided humor was the best way to go when opening up about their personal life. He joked that when he was finished with his part of the process, he left the TV in the private room he was using on a gardening show, just to have a little fun with the nurses on duty.

"We'd talked about that subject matter beforehand, and they asked if I had a funny anecdote I could talk about," Joe tells Ladies Home Journal. "I said 'I can talk about this,' and they said, 'That'd be great! That'd be funny!' Heather was, like, 'Mmmm, I don't know. Let's think about that.' Before we went on I said to her, 'If you don't want me to talk about it, I won't. But I think it'd be funny, and she said 'If you must talk about it, fine.' It still embarrassed her a little bit. But you know, you've got to poke fun at that kind of thing because it's such an uptight situation. Everybody's already so uncomfortable. You gotta laugh it off."

Joe reports that everything is looking positive in that department for the couple these days, and they are hoping to hear the pitter-patter of little feet around the Nichols household eventually. "It's going good. It's a process. We take baby steps to try to make sure every little thing is done according to plan and we don't get surprised by anything, so that kind of makes it a little slower of a process. But we just want to make sure we're both healthy and able to do everything right. So all things look good and we're just waiting on God to do the rest."

Joe has one daughter from a previous relationship, 11-year-old Ashelyn, who already knows she wants to go to Harvard! "I think she'll be a rocket scientist / lawyer / doctor / marine biologist / veterinarian / great outstanding human being," Joe joked with The Boot about his first born. Though she could very well follow in Dad's footsteps instead, as he adds, "she has an amazing singing voice, too!"

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