Joe Nichols has tapped into a wellspring of emotion, thanks to his new single 'The Shape I'm In.'

Of course, it's not unusual for country songs to awake strong emotions in listeners, but since Joe's new blog was developed last month, his listeners have used it as something akin to a confessional to relay personal thoughts about 'The Shape I'm In.'

Much like 'PostSecret' -- a community project that allows anonymous writers to relay secrets they have never before shared -- Joe's blog has inspired people to write such poignant confessions as "I drink to forget you but I always end up calling you," "I'm in love with a man that will never love me," and others that illustrate Murphy's Law such as "Yesterday I catered a birthday party ... today every guest has food poisoning."

Ben Hayslip and Dallas Davidson, who co-wrote the song with Rhett Akins, understand the down-in-the-dumps feelings many of the correspondents express.

"The morning we wrote this song I was hung over with a pounding head in my office," Dallas tells The Boot. "Rhett and Ben came over to write. I had picked up a napkin off the desk that had a girl's number on it. That's where the line about number off the napkin and pounding head came from. From there we went off to the races. I think we just dialed into that one real quickly."

You can get in on the group confession by mailing a post card or sending one via the web. For details about how to submit yours and read the messages, check Joe's dedicated website here. Watch a fan's video of Joe performing 'The Shape I'm In' at his 2010 Fan Club party below.