As a result of the economic crunch, many theaters on Broadway have been forced to shut down production this year. One of them forced to close its doors before they even opened is 'Pure Country,' which was going to be Broadway's musical version of the 1992 George Strait box office hit. Joe Nichols had been tapped to star in the lead role of Dusty, played by George in the film. Lorrie Morgan was going to play the role of Lula, Dusty's manipulative manager, originally played by Lesley Ann Warren.

Although rehearsals for the musical were scheduled to begin earlier this year, they have now have been delayed, indefinitely.

"The status is, I don't think it's going to happen for me," Joe tells CMT. "When they backed up the show, it put us in a difficult situation, because we had blocked off about six to eight months of time just for that show. That's without touring, no media, no nothing."

Now, with the chart-topping success of his current smash, 'Gimmie That Girl,' Joe can't fathom taking another huge chunk of time off the road.

"I just don't see that we could probably take another six-month gap in our schedule, especially with how hot 'Gimmie That Girl' is and the album. But if we're in it, it might be a long shot."

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