When Joe Nichols was a kid, he wanted to be a St. Louis Cardinals baseball player. When he was growing up, his dad was a security guard at the Cardinals old Busch Stadium, so father and son used to love going to games together all the time.

Joe's fans know how much the singer loves the Cardinals, so not long ago, a group of them got together to surprise him with a very nostalgic piece of his boyhood.

"One year at the fan club party, a group got together and bought me a brick in the new Busch stadium," Joe tells Ladies' Home Journal. "When they were building the brand new Busch stadium, these fans bought me a brick and had it inscribed and dedicated to my dad. It's really cool and a very thoughtful gift."

Joe''s dad passed away in 2002, just as the singer's career was taking off. The loyalty his fans have shown hasn't been lost on Joe through the years.

"We've had some very enthusiastic and devoted fans show up [at shows]," he notes. "We'll make a trip 500 miles overnight to the next show, and we'll see some of the same fans that were there the night before. So that's a good testament to the fans and their devotion."

As for his own lifelong, die-hard devotion to his beloved St. Louis Cardinals, Joe is still hoping his team will give him a try out spot ... since, after all, David Nail was recently given that chance!

"I'm hoping to get my shot now," Joe admits with a crooked smile and a gleam in his eye. And then, laughing, he adds, "Apparently I didn't make myself very clear -- I need to [get my own CMT series]. I've been a Cardinals fan since 1982 and I'd love to get my opportunity to play for the Cardinals. I've been a baseball player, too -- my whole life!"

When asked how scouts might compare his athletic prowess to David's, Joe quips, "I would say I'm much better. For all the scouts listening -- I'm much better! [laughs] No, I haven't seen any of them. But [David's] a classy guy. It would scare the crap out of me ... but I'd still like my shot!"

Joe's current single, 'The Shape I'm In' is at radio now.

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