Jo Dee MessinaJo Dee Messina is frustrated that it took five years to release her new recording, 'Unmistakable' ... and she's also worried even loyal fans won't know it's available, because her label, Curb Records, isn't courting radio play.

In an interview with Ken Morton Jr. of the 9513, Jo Dee expresses frustration that her new music will be released on a series of EPs - titled 'Love,' 'Drive' and 'Inspiration' - instead of the originally-planned conventional album format.

"The reason is that every year, the label would ask me to record a few more songs," Jo Dee tells The 9513, when asked about why the album concept was scrapped. "It got to the point that we had 22 songs for this record. You can't release a 22-sided record right now ... So we decided that we would take all the songs that we've recorded over the last five years and put them out as three albums."

Yet when she further discusses the EPs, Jo Dee indicates she's not fully on board with such packaging, despite Blake Shelton's success with his musical 'six pak' called 'Hillbilly Bone.'

"Blake Shelton also had a song [on the] radio. My record label isn't working anything at radio," says Jo Dee. "The only way people are going to hear about this release is either through the internet or me going on TV and stuff. It's interesting that while they're releasing this one [April 27], they're not telling us when they're releasing the second record. But they have also said that they don't plan on working anything off of the record radio-wise. It's just interesting."

Not to mention mentally exhausting to work so long on an album and not feel it's properly released, she says.

"Again, it's been so long. I'm sorry. I'm just over it," says Jo Dee. 'It's disgusting how much of my life was wasted waiting for this record to come out."

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