Jimmy WayneJimmy Wayne has roughly two months left on his Meet Me Halfway solo-walk across America to help end teen homelessness, and he's already dreaming of home ... as well as how he plans on getting back home to Nashville!

"It would be nice to get to Phoenix and not have to get on a plane," Jimmy tells The Boot. "It would be cool to get a car -- like a Cadillac or a convertible -- and drive it back the same route that I took walking there. It would be neat just to drive back so I can see everything and reminisce in fast forward."

Upon arriving home to Nashville, Jimmy says it's debatable what the first big project will be that he'll tackle. "I would like to furnish my house," he says. "Either that or sell it and find something out in the country, because this walk has really inspired me to want to live somewhere in the country."

Jimmy says he has fallen in love with the country folk he has met along the way and wouldn't mind picking up roots next to those kinds of people. "I've got some friendly neighbors where I live now, but city neighbors and country neighbors are two different things," Jimmy explains. "There's just something about country folk that's different ... I like that."

Jimmy is expected to arrive at HomeBase Youth Services in Phoenix, Ariz. sometime in June. To keep up with Jimmy and project Meet Me Halfway visit the official website or follow the singer on Twitter.

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