Jimmy WayneJimmy Wayne is quickly approaching the Arizona border on his project Meet Me Halfway walk across America. He has under 400 miles left on his journey, which began on New Year's Day when Jimmy left Nashville, Tenn. on foot, walking all the way to Phoenix to raise money and awareness for teens who age out of the foster care systems and become homeless. With more than 1,300 miles under his belt, Jimmy should be thankful to see the walk come to an end, but he admits the closure of his trek has him feeling mixed emotions.

"It's sad in a way because I've met a lot of really good people on my journey," Jimmy tells The Boot. "I feel like I'm more inspired because of the people I've met and the things I've seen. When you're in Nashville, you're sitting in a room when you write a song. That gets old after a while. More people need to take their writing session out there on the road. You need to become inspired and learn stuff."

In the six months that Jimmy has been walking, he has learned plenty of cultural tips as he crossed through Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas and now New Mexico. "I've learned so much stuff about people," he states. "For instance, in New Mexico, they ask you in restaurants, 'Red or green or Christmas?' I'm like, what in the heck are you talking about? They say, 'Red chili or green chili or Christmas ... do you want both of them?' Those are things that you learn on the road. You learn what a cattle guard is. It's that grate that's on the ground in the middle of a driveway that trucks can roll over it, but cows won't because the cow's feet get stuck. It's cool stuff that I'm learning, different stuff. I don't raise horses, but I've been around people now where I know what's going on. I can talk about it because I've been around it. That kind of stuff lets you see the value and things that aren't valuable in life."

Jimmy is expecting to reach HomeBase Youth Services in Phoenix, Ariz. on or around July 8. To keep up with the singer on his trek, follow him on Twitter or log onto the campaign's website by clicking here.

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