Jimmy WayneWhen Jimmy Wayne walked through Arkansas last month on his Meet Me Halfway campaign to raise money and awareness for teen homelessness, he crossed paths with many people who will forever have left a mark in his heart. After an 18-year-old boy named Gabe saw and became fascinated by a cross keychain dangling from the singer's backpack, Jimmy gave it to him. And as he continued along his journey, Jimmy was given a cross necklace. That got him thinking ... and when the singer arrives at HomeBase Youth Services in Arizona, he plans to show up bearing gifts.

"People are giving me crosses every day now because I mentioned it one time in my tweet that I wanted to take the cross that I was wearing and give it to one of the kids there in Phoenix when I see them," Jimmy tells The Boot. "The next day, and every day since then, I get crosses from my fans who come out to support project Meet Me Halfway. It's turned into quite a cross collection now out on the road. I got 28 crosses today. I'm just swamped with cross necklaces, which is cool!"

While Jimmy is collecting the crosses, he says is not wearing them all to Phoenix. "I've got four on right now. I'd look like Mr. T if I wore all the crosses!" he says with a laugh.

Over the weekend, Jimmy walked across the Texas border and is nearing the "halfway" marker -- Amarillo, Texas. Fans will be able to congratulate the singer in person on Saturday (April 3) in Amarillo at rally and fundraiser gathering to be held at Hastings Entertainment store in celebration of his mission accomplished thus far. Jimmy left Nashville on New Year's Day for his 1,700-mile trek and expects to arrive in Phoenix, Ariz. sometime in May or June.

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