Jimmy WayneWith less than 400 miles left to go on his Meet Me Halfway solo-walk across America, Jimmy Wayne has been raising awareness for at-risk teens aging out of the foster care system. This week, the singer logged another 20 miles and wrote his first song since leaving Nashville on New Year's Day.

"I think I'll have more inspiration to write better songs when I'm done with this walk," Jimmy tells The Boot. "I'm not too inspired to write right now because I'm in the middle of the experience, but I think that after the walk is over with, I'll be inspired from looking back at the experience. That's usually how I write. I rarely write in the moment."

Jimmy may not be focusing too much on his songwriting, but he has made a point each day to log his experience in his journal -- something he began doing when he was 13 years old. "I don't know what I'm going to do with my journals from the walk when I'm done, but I'd like to do something special with them," Jimmy notes. "I've thought of many different things because I like photography. I'd like to do something with my pictures and my journal."

While he is still roughly five weeks away from reaching HomeBase Youth Service in Phoenix, Ariz. (where this portion of his walk will end), Jimmy says the journey has already affected many aspects of his life and career, which may also alter his live performances in the near future. "I'd love to do acoustic shows again or just do some story telling sessions during the shows where it's just me and my guitar," he says.

In the meantime, Jimmy will continue his walk along Highway 60, taking the occasional break for performance commitments. He expects to arrive in Phoenix around July 8, but don't be surprised if you see Jimmy walking through other states in the future. Jimmy is certain that Meet Me Halfway will continue on regardless if he is walking or not. "I don't think project Meet Me Halfway stops in Phoenix," he states firmly. "It keeps going. It has to keep going. There's no way."

To keep track of Jimmy as he closes in on finishing his 1,700-mile trek, follow him on Twitter or visit his YouTube page for weekly updates.

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