Jimmy WayneLast month when Jimmy Wayne crossed into Texas on his 1,700-mile Meet Me Halfway walk across America, he met a group of Texans who took the singer in for multiple nights, giving him their own bed while they slept on the floor each night. Jimmy quickly bonded with the men whom he says are bona fide Texans all the way! "When these guys introduce themselves, it's 'I'm from Texas, and I'm proud of it!'" Jimmy tells The Boot with a laugh.

On his final night in Wheeler, Texas, while staying with Clint Devoll and his roommate Josh Jackson, Jimmy was asked a question he gets a lot when he's taken into a stranger's home -- to sing them a song.

"Clint asks me to play a song on his guitar," Jimmy recalls. "I started strumming it, but it was out of tune and the action was too high. It was terrible! It felt like I was playing a Dobro. I said, 'You need to sand this bridge down. I can do it for you if you want.' So I take his only guitar -- his pride and joy -- and take it apart to sand the bridge down. Needless to say, I broke it. He's looking at me with this look, smiling halfway. I'm thinking, 'Oh crap, I broke this dude's guitar!' I know what it would mean to me if someone broke my guitar. In my mind I'm thinking any minute now I'm going to hear, 'Oh, that's alright, Jimmy' ... Pow! Right in the mouth!"

Without missing a beat, Jimmy placed an important phone call to make things right. "So I immediately got on the phone and called my good friend at Takamine Guitars, who endorse me. He said they were sending him a nice Takamine to replace the one I busted, which Clint didn't know about until it arrived at his house a couple of weeks later."

Jimmy returns to his walk this weekend after taking a week off to regroup. The singer has roughly 630 miles left on his trek until he reaches Phoenix, Ariz. The once-homeless teen left Nashville, Tenn. on New Year's Day by foot when he launched his campaign to bring awareness to at-risk teens aging out of the foster home system. For more information on project Meet Me Halfway visit the official website by clicking here.

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