Over the weekend, Jimmy Wayne crossed the finish line on his incredible 1,700-mile Meet Me Halfway walk to raise awareness for homeless youth. Prior to taking the stage at the Hard Rock Café in Phoenix, Ariz., on Sunday night, August 1, Jimmy turned over a pair of his walking shoes and a t-shirt that he wore on the trek, so they can be displayed amongst the other rock 'n' roll memorabilia in the restaurant. (Jimmy is pictured above with Hard Rock Sales Manager Rochelle Barton.)

"I donated one of my eight pairs of Merrell shoes to the Hard Rock Cafe, a Meet Me Halfway sponsor," Jimmy tells The Boot. "Each pair of Merrell shoes symbolize the walk, the youth, the journey, the heart, the supporters, the good memories and the struggle. I remember a school teacher once made me stay after school so she could take me home to personally ask my mom why I'm having to wear a pair of shoes with the sole broken away from the rest of the shoe. My entire right foot was exposed from the toes to the arch. The Meet Me Halfway walk was to raise awareness to today's youth who are dealing with these same issues. It's not that hard to fix a broken sole; it just takes a good soul."

Jimmy walked halfway across America beginning January 1 from Nashville, Tenn. and covered six states total, ending in Phoenix, Ariz. The singer plans to walk through additional states each year until he covers them all. In the meantime, Jimmy will enjoy some down time to nurse the broken foot he suffered during the last part of his cross-country walk.

Jimmy finally returned home to Nashville on Tuesday, August 3, but not for long. He hits the road this weekend for shows in Wisconsin (August 7) and California (August 11).