Jimmy Wayne, Randy TravisAs Jimmy Wayne continues his walk to Phoenix, Ariz., on the 'Meet Me Halfway' campaign, he's been keeping a journal as well as tweeting his whereabouts. On Monday, Jimmy posted his first video blog, standing alongside a railroad track in Jackson, Tenn. As icy winds blew, Jimmy thanked fans, family and other supporters for encouraging and embracing his vision.

Now fans can log onto Jimmy's USTREAM website to catch daily videos that he's been filming including getting coffee at mom 'n' pop stores along Highway 70, taking a prank phone call from a radio station in Phoenix who had Jimmy believing he was talking to the legendary Randy Travis, and then talking to the real Randy, who called him to offer his encouragement the following day! (Watch video of the prank after the jump.)

This weekend, The Boot sits down with Jimmy to talk about his travels, what he's been missing the most from back home and his expectations when his journey reaches the final stopping point at HomeBase in Phoenix, Ariz.

To make donations to project Meet Me Halfway, log on to the campaign's official website.