Jimmy WayneJimmy Wayne will reach the final destination on his Meet Me Halfway campaign on Sunday, August 1. Jimmy left Nashville, Tenn. on foot New Year's Day when he launched his mission to raise awareness for at-risk teens who age out of the foster care system. Throughout the six and a half months he has been walking, Jimmy has experienced many high moments, but also has dealt with his share of low times.

"I began project Meet Me Halfway during one of the coldest winters in American history," Jimmy tells The Boot, reflecting back on his journey. "An Arctic blast had moved in from the Northwest as temperatures dropped into the single digits, and the wind chill factor trailed subsiding at a bitter 15 degrees below zero. It was so cold that my bones ached. I'd imagine that's cold to anyone anywhere who's sleeping outside in it. Frozen hands made it almost impossible to pack up the tent. What should have been a 10 minute process took nearly and hour and a half to complete every morning. Within two months I'd experienced two ice storms, and numerous snow storms which closed off back roads for days, deterring anyone from getting to me in a vehicle in case of an emergency. I can guarantee that when whomever referred to this type of weather as the 'Arctic blast,' they weren't insinuating it was a good time. It was a great experience, however, I was not having a blast."

Needless to say, the hardest part of the journey was yet to come for Jimmy as the weather turned much, much warmer as he entered into the desert. "As I'm approaching Phoenix, the temperatures are escalating day by day, soaring to 115 degrees," Jimmy says. "It's the exact opposite from when I began this journey. The only difference is back then I could add on as much Marmot gear as I wanted, but now I can only take off so much in the desert."

When Jimmy arrives at HomeBase Youth Services in Phoenix at the end of the month, there will be a gathering of friends and fans to welcome the singer as well as activities taking place that weekend.

"I feel it's been a life alternating experience. A lot of things have changed over the past several months," he says. "I've made life-long friends and many memories. I'll return home and begin reliving this journey and continue raising awareness for these youth that need us. Maybe write a song or two ... or three! Overall, I want people to remember not what I did, but what I did it for."

Jimmy plans to resume his walk each year by making his way through at least one state per year to continue to raise the much-needed awareness for teen homelessness.

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