Jimmy Wayne, Patty LovelessWhen Jimmy Wayne returns to his Meet Me Halfway walk this week after taking two weeks off for concert commitments, don't be surprised if you see him floating through the desert. He's been on cloud nine since this past weekend.

Saturday night (June 26), Jimmy performed in Richland Center, Wisc., along with Dierks Bentley, Josh Thompson, Darryl Worley and Patty Loveless, as part of the Star Spangled Celebration. For Jimmy, sharing the same stage with Patty was something he had been looking forward to from the moment he was asked to perform at the event.

"I've always been a huge fan of Patty Loveless," Jimmy tells The Boot. "When I was nine years old, I lived on Second Street in Kings Mountain, N.C., on one end of that street. Patty lived in the brown trailer at the opposite end of that same street."

More than two decades later, the two met under very different circumstances. "Patty agreed to record a duet with me on the 'Do You Believe Me Now' album, on a song called 'No Good For Me.' I wrote this song about an ex-girlfriend. Although she and I had a bad breakup, I didn't want the song to be one dimensional, as if I was putting the blame all on her. Therefore, I asked Patty if she'd sing it with me. This allowed the responsibility to become ours. We were both equally to blame. We both were no good for one other."

Up until Saturday night's performance, Jimmy had not seen Patty in several years. The two reunited right in the middle of Jimmy's set. While he singing his debut hit, 'Stay Gone,' Patty surprised her former neighbor on stage.

"I heard another vocal come in while [I was] singing," Jimmy says, still grinning from the excitement. "I turned around, and there stood Patty Loveless singing along with me. I was shocked. She walked out to the edge of center stage, l grabbed her hand and pulled her close. We sang together and danced as if we were the only two people there. It was so romantically sweet. Forgive me, I know she's married -- but face it, Patty Loveless is a very sexy lady!

"The crowd cheered as Patty leaned in and gave me a kiss ... That freakin' rocked my world!" Jimmy adds with laughter. "It was a friendly kiss, but it was a kiss by Patty Loveless, and I'm the one telling the story ... Let me fantasize."

Jimmy is roughly 60 miles from the Arizona state line as he finishes out his Meet Me Halfway campaign to raise awareness for teen homelessness. Follow Jimmy on Twitter to keep up with his cross-country trek.

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