In December, Jimmy Wayne announced to the world that he would be embarking on a 1,700-mile trek across America to help raise money and awareness for teen homelessness. While some were lost for words and uncertain of his decision, one man who stood behind Jimmy from the start was the head of his record label, Valory Music CEO Scott Borchetta (pictured above to far left, in a photo taken with the entire Valory team on the first day of Jimmy's mission).

Jimmy and Scott's professional relationship started in 2001 when he signed the singer to his start-up label, DreamWorks Nashville. After four years and a successful album which spawned hit singles 'Stay Gone,' 'I Love You This Much' and 'Paper Angels,' DreamWorks folded. When Scott's latest musical adventure began with Valory in 2006, he knew Jimmy was an artist he wanted to continue working with for many years to come. "I tend to be drawn to people who are survivors and fighters and believers," Scott said on the television special 'Faith and Fame.' "That's what Jimmy is."

"The day he opened Valory, he told me those are the kind of people he chooses to work with," Jimmy tells The Boot. "I'm thankful that Scott's such a believer in fighters and survivors that he kept me on the label that long, and I had the opportunity to put out a song like 'Do You Believe Me Now.' It was a song that I found and that I believed in. I look forward to finding more of those type of songs that I really believe in and know that are great songs and put together another great record on Valory."

When Jimmy launched project Meet Me Halfway on New Year's Day, Scott's loyalty and support went beyond Jimmy's music as he donated a check for $50,000 to the campaign. "That was amazing," Jimmy says. "It's a good feeling to know you're supported by one of the most powerful labels in Nashville and definitely by one of the most powerful CEO's who was just named the No. 1 CEO in Nashville. It's cool to have his support. I can't think of a better way of being a fighter than fighting for what you believe in and walking across America, surviving all the stuff that I've been through."

Jimmy is expecting to reach the end of his trek -- HomeBase Youth Services in Phoenix, Ariz. -- toward the end of July or early August. To keep up with the singer's journey, follow him on Twitter or log onto the campaign's website.

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