Jimmy Fallon flipped his wig over Dolly Parton on 'The Tonight Show' Tuesday night (May 13).

The country music legend was there to promote her latest album, 'Blue Smoke,' which was released in the US Tuesday. Parton was her usual high-spirited self, talking about her humble upbringing, her long marriage and more with her trademark mix of quick wit and humility.

"My dad was a farmer, my mom was the greatest," Parton recalled of her childhood. "My mother had a great attitude, she'd say things like, 'Kids, if we had some ham, we'd have ham and eggs, if we had some eggs.'"

Finally the host burst out, "You are so cute . . . I can't even tell you, everyone here just wants to hug and kiss you."

The topic turned to Parton's famous wigs.

"I do wear wigs all the time, 'cause it's really handy and I'm always busy," Parton said. "I have at least 365, one for each day."

She asked the host to try one on, resulting in a hilarious moment when she quipped, "Don't you think you look a little more like Paula Deen or Gary Busey?"

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