Jewel's father may start building his own showbiz career soon -- as a reality TV star.

The Discovery channel is launching two new series, including 'Moonshiners,' which follows men who stick the 200-year-old tradition of producing the Appalachian (and illegal) alcoholic beverage, moonshine. The other, tentatively titled 'Mountain Men of Alaska,' will follow Jewel's dad, Atz Kilcher, as he lives off the land.

The show, which will premiere this summer, follows Kilcher as he hunts, fishes and does everything necessary to survive the long, cold Alaskan winter. The show will center around the Kilcher family, who have lived on the same property outside of Homer, Alaska, for three generations.

The series joins two other Alaska-themed shows on Discovery, including 'Mounted in Alaska,' about an Anchorage-based taxidermist and 'Flying Wild in Alaska,' about a family-run airline that brave the harsh elements to transport goods and passengers to some of the most remote areas.

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