Jess and the Bandits, the UK country band led by Texan vocalist Jess Clemmons, are exclusively premiering their brand-new single "Ready Set" on The Boot.

"Ready Set" is a high-energy song that brings to mind Carrie Underwood's new Sunday Night Football theme, “Oh, Sunday Night." That's not to say that Jess and the Bandits' single has anything to do with football -- but it's a tune that will get listeners revved up for the day, the night and everything in between.

"Ready set drink, ready set go / Ready set rock, ready set roll," sings Clemmons. "Ready set, we don't have to be alone / You've got, you've got, you've got / You don't gotta go home."

The lyrics of "Ready Set" are ultra confident -- including phrases such as "You ain't never seen nothing like me, baby" -- and Clemmons' powerful vocals make you believe it.

Jess and the Bandits are working on their sophomore record, which they began recording in January, high on the success of their freshman disc, Here We Go Again. In order to treat fans to some new material without the wait, the group -- who are fresh off their second headlining tour -- have released a deluxe edition of Here We Go Again, which includes the raucous "Ready Set."

"Over the last couple of years, we have spent a great deal of time on the road, and the song that always gets our party started is "Ready Set,"" says Clemmons. "As a band, we are a real mix of musical influences, and the country-rock vibe of "Ready Set" showcased one of the places we always meet musically. As we head into summer, we want to make sure everyone is 'ready set' to party."

The deluxe edition of Here We Go Again is available on iTunesAmazon and Jess and the Bandits' official website.

Listen to Jess and the Bandits, "Ready Set":