Jerrod NeimannJerrod Niemann recently got to fulfill a dream of his ... to play the Grand Ole Opry. He joined numerous famous faces who have come before him by standing on that famed stage, a stage that is now underwater due to the recent flooding in Nashville and its surrounding areas.

Despite the devastating damage, Jerrod is confident in the Opry's future, because he feels that it is more than just a place or a performance venue. "That is our church from where we came from," Jerrod tells The Boot. "And just like in any community, from the smallest town in America to the biggest city, everybody has those iconic things in their cities that represent what people all over travel to see. The Opry is a state of mind. And at the end of the day, we could play in a shed and as long as the Opry spirit is there, I think everybody would be OK. I know it'll come out bigger and better, in my opinion. You can't keep the Opry down!"

The Kansas native, who moved to Nashville several years ago, feels that the music community will band together to help the folks in Middle Tennessee who were hit by devastating weather over the weekend. "Where we luck out is that we are in a fortunate city that has the ability with celebrities or artists to come together and rebuild," Jerrod notes. "We do stuff for everybody anywhere in the country and there's so many artists doing things all the time that we don't know about. It's really cool that we have that chance to come in if something happens to our community and fix it."

Jerrod is currently scaling the country charts with his debut single, 'Lover, Lover.'

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